You can access software remotely through either Apps or Desktop. Both give you access to the same software but differ in delivery. With AnyWare Apps, you select only the applications you wish to use. With AnyWare Desktop, you connect to a virtual desktop that includes all the available software.


More about Apps

AnyWare Apps gives you access to university-licensed software from any device with a network connection. The service also gives you access to your printers and storage devices and saves personalized settings between sessions, giving you the flexibility to transition between devices and pick up your work where you left off.

How to start using AnyWare Apps

More about Desktop

AnyWare Desktop gives you access to university-licensed software through your web browser. You can print to HuskyPrint locations and save to your personal (P:) drive. Please note: Personal settings, like bookmarks and file paths, are not saved between sessions.

How to start using AnyWare Desktop


UConn-licensed Software Online

As an alternative to downloading and installing applications directly onto your computer, you can access the select university-licensed software on your devices through UConn AnyWare. Software is streamed to your device on demand, giving you the feeling of a traditional installation without the upkeep and platform restrictions. With the software maintained remotely, you always have access to up-to-date versions, and since it is delivered in a virtual environment, you can run it on a wide-range of platforms and devices.