Tableau Public

This is free data-visualization software that allows users to create visualizations in a simple, easy to use format. Users can also create a profile, save their works to it, and then share their works for their profile via social media. It is a top alternative to Adobe Analytics.

For more information visit Tableau Public website.

You can access this software online with UConn AnyWare .
*Due to licensing constraints, University affiliates and emeriti cannot download software, but they can access it on UConn AnyWare.

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  • Faculty Member
  • Staff Member
  • Student
  • *Emeritus
  • *University Affiliates


  • Storrs Campus
  • Regional Campuses
  • UConn Health


  • Academic Research
  • Teaching
  • Administrative


  • Personal Devices
  • University Owned Devices

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Analysis & Modeling data visualizations