SPSS is a software package used for statistical analysis.

Current Available Versions: SPSS 23

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Location – Storrs Campus, Regional Campuses, Law School, and Business School

Population – Faculty

Device – University Owned Devices

Activity – Research and Teaching



System Requirements

SPSS System Requirements

Installation Instructions

Windows Installation Instructions

Mac OS X Installation Instructions

License Type & Information

SPSS Network License Information


Important Note:

Due to vendor’s restrictions, the SPSS Statistics package is only available on campus networked locations and is inaccessible via VPN.

UITS has a limited number of Static License Keys available for computers that cannot maintain a connection to the UConn Network in order to access the concurrent license server. 

If your population is currently licensed for SPSS and are in need of static license keys please open up a ticket with UITS.  Once we receive the ticket with the request and the number of workstations we will contact the requester to follow up.






SPSS 23 for Windows 32bit

SPSS 23 for Windows 64bit


SPSS 23 for OS X


SPSS 23 for Linux is currently not covered by the license agreement


For technical support concerning the installation of this software go here.