This program is for all university students, faculty and staff for educational use.




The installation file can be downloaded from FTP server in ftp://ftp://ftp.uconn.edu/restricted/fetch directory. For the serial number and name, please refer to the readme file   (fetch.txt) in the same directory with the installation file.
If you are not connecting from the 137.99 (uconn.edu) domain, you cannot download and use the software. Those using a service provider outside the 137.99 domain (AOL, SNET) can utilize the Uconn VPN site at vpn.uconn.edu or call the University ITS Help Desk (860) 486-4357 for assistance.

Setup Instructions

NOTE: It is recommended that you use Firefox to download Fetch as Safari has known issues with FTP access that are beyond UITS’ control.