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Current Adobe Contract FAQs

On May 31, 2017, the University’s current Adobe contract is scheduled to end. Students will no longer be able to use these products on their personal computers under the existing institutional agreement.

What is UITS doing to help students that depend on this software for their program?

UITS is currently working with a number of deans to explore alternatives for programs that will be impacted, and we are actively engaged in discussions with Adobe. Below are current available options:

  • Students can also purchase the software from Adobe. The software is available to students at the introductory educational rate of $20/month or $240/year. This goes up to $30/month or $360/year in year two. Please note: The Adobe educational pricing is substantively higher than the consortium rate that the university obtains for licenses that it deploys on university-owned equipment (e.g., university labs or purchased by individual faculty). This disparity between pricing to the detriment of individual students is a key aspect of our current discussions with Adobe.
  • Students will also have access to the software in some computer labs. Digital Media Design (DMD), Fine Arts, or Journalism students can access the software in their computer labs. UITS has approved new investments for both hardware and software for key locations that support students, such as the library, and Adobe products will be available. These are scheduled to be deployed this summer.
  • UITS is also identifying Adobe software alternatives that provide some of the same basic functionality as their Adobe counterparts.

What were the terms and cost of the current contract?

The Adobe contract was for three years at approximately 450K per year. The contract provided the university with a fixed block of individual licenses for 25% of the student population. Student could use one instance of the Creative Cloud suite on one personally owned device for a period of one year, and then renew the license annually until the multi-year agreement ended.

What happened with the contract negotiations?

The current contract with Adobe will expire on May 31, 2017. When negotiating a new contract, Adobe offered to increase the number of licenses available for student personal use but at a much higher price point. This was not an appropriate fit for our situation because we were not using all of the licenses. Negotiations have continued, but we have not established a new contract.

How does the University pay for software licenses for students?

The Student Technology Fee covers the cost of software as well as wireless, educational technology in centrally-scheduled classrooms, and technology for common-use areas.

Will the University save money if the contract with Adobe is not renewed?

No. This money is redirected into services that impact the broadest number of students practical.

How many students used university-licensed Adobe Creative Cloud during the three year period?

With the exception of the final month before the contract was scheduled to expire, we never used all of the licenses within a single year. Approximately 9,000 individuals licensed the software over the life of the agreement. These students tend to be taking courses in programs that incorporate the Adobe software suite into the curriculum. Less than a third of these licenses were renewed after the first year ended.

What should I do if I have files stored on the Adobe Creative Cloud?

Once your Adobe CC account turns into a “Free” Account, you will have access to 2GB of cloud storage through Adobe. If you are over this limit of storage, you should download your files to an alternative file storage location. Here is a list of university file storage locations that are available to you:

Students can also download their files to an external hard drive.

You can download the files one-at-a-time, or if you have a lot of files and an active Adobe license, you can sync your Adobe CC Cloud Storage to local storage on your computer.

  1. Download the Adobe CC app:
  2. Follow these directions for how to sync files:
  3. Once the files have been synced to local storage, move it from the Creative Cloud folder to an alternative storage location (list above).

Will I see a reduction in my fee bill?

You will not see a reduction in your fee bill as the money will be put towards activities and resources that support a broader range of the student body.